Joseph Ngugi Muiruri

Software Engineering (Student)

All About Joseph

I am very passionate about mobility solutions and the future of the transportation industry. Following latest trends and news about the auto industry is a hobby for me. I love cars and i am a huge fan of motorsports (In formula 1 i support Redbull Racing). I am also very passionate about technology and its applications in automotive industry.

University Of Pecs

University Of Pecs (2016-2021)


Computer Science Engineering


What I Can Do

frontend developement

Web Design, Javascript, PHP

Backend developement

Python, SQL, Java, C#

System administration-site-reliability-devops

Linux, Computer Networking, Bash, Cloud Computing, Docker, VMWare Virtualization

IBM Z Ambassador

IBM Z Ambassador

2020-07 - Present


  • Building & Spreading the word about IBM Z and Master the Mainframe competition and other learning opportunities with the student community.
  • Interacting with other students and offering assistance in the MTM Slack.
  • Sharing resources about IBM Z and MTM with other students at my university. Participating in MTM outreach events.
Kaspersky CyberMates

Kaspersky CyberMates

2018-09 - Present


  • In collaboration with other CyberMates and Kaspersky Lab employees i have assisted in the development of cybersecurity education such as:
    1. Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud (Review)
    2. Mathematics In Cryptography (Review)
    3. Kaspersky CS Fundamentals Course (Review)


2019-09 - 2019-11


  • Reviewed various contents,from audio, video, text, photos, etc. maintaining an average rating of 96%.
  • Performed Peer audits as a part of the process model and also to assisted in training new recruits
d-tag europe

D-Tag Europe

2018-07 - 2019-09


Tech Support (FoundryBox)

  • Provided tech support to clients
  • Updated the self help knowledge documentation database
  • Recieved calls and logged the clients tickets

Social Media Analyst

  • Performed Social media analytics on various major brands.
  • Performed Data analytics and data processing using tools such as Brandwatch, Sysmos
  • Performed Data research and report writing
  • Participated in trainings on Social media analytics, Project Management & Business proposals and reports writing
  • Assisted in training of new Recruits

Software Engineering Intern

  • Provided tech support
  • Created docker image of the data analytics software
  • Participated in Trainings on Data engineering and Natural Language processing


Contact Details

Mailing Address

Epitok Utja 15B

Email Address

Phone Number

(36) 705526346